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Print and Play Math Games!

My first graders have always L-O-V-E-D games and so do I! As a teacher, it is the perfect way to engage your learners in skill and have them practice, practice, practice. When students are highly engaged, not only are they learning but it gives you an opportunity to meet with students who may need a little more help or some enrichment in a particular area.

I am a fan of a simple and engaging games that your students can play over and over and over so I created a line of games that I am over-the-moon excited about called:
Print, Play, LEARN!

These are simple partner games that you just print out, the students play, and they are LEARNING the whole time. They are all black and white to save ink and to provide more simplicity in the prep department. The only things they require to play are items you can already find in your classroom:

I will be creating 6 different partner games for each of the following math subjects:
Number Sense
Place Value
2D/3D shapes

That will be 48 different math games to print and play in your classroom! You can find them all here:

For now, the addition games are already uploaded and ready for purchase so I thought I would highlight a few of them below:
Roll and Race:
This game has each student rolling two dice and finding the sum.
Whichever student has the higher sum will write their addition equation on their game
board and color in that spot.
Players continue rolling and adding until someone reaches the finish first!

Number Crash:
This game has 2 different gameboards and can be played with 2 dice or 3.

Step 1: Roll 2 dice and find the sum
Step 2: Move your cube to the first space with that sum.
Step 3: If, at any point during the game both players are on the same spot, they CRASH and both move back to start.
Step 4: Students continue until a player gets to the finish (10).
- Students must roll a sum of 10 in order to win
- If there is no matching sum between the player’s cube and the end of the game, their turn is skipped.

Plus What?
This one is an enrichment game to help your students with missing addends.
In this game, students take turns rolling a die and trying to find the other addend that equals the sum in the middle of the circle. In the example above, I rolled a 2, so I chose to color in the 7 portion of the circle with a 9 in the middle because 2 + 7 = 9.
The goal is to be the first player to color in one whole circle!

If you think any of these games would be a hit in your classroom, you can check out the addition games below:

Just download the preview to see the rest of the games!

Happy playing and learning!

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First Grade Homework For the Entire Year

Homework in first grade?! I wanted to share the QUICK homework I send home to my first grade students. It is simple to use for teachers and only gives a few students skills-based activities to complete each night!

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For the five years I taught first grade I was always trying to perfect the homework process. I wanted it to be simple for me, differentiated for my students, and not be too time consuming for either of us!

I tried many different options (sometimes all in one year - BAD IDEA) and finally settled on a homework packet that I would send out each week on Monday that is returned on Friday. It made it simple for me to prep, copy, staple, and send along. However, each week I would look at our skills we were learning or reviewing, scour through tons of old workbooks, search online for the *best* pages, make my copies, and finally send them on their way. It was WAY TOO TIME CONSUMING! I also knew that having all my students completing the same homework was a disservice to the ones who may not need practice with that skill and the students who may be working below that current standard.

In this digital age I thought there must be a quicker way to find the pages I needed for my homework packet. So I created my own system and my own pages that work for my needs. I know everyone does homework differently and many have differing beliefs on homework in first grade in general but I thought I would share my own system because, well, it is what has worked best for my classroom and may be beneficial for others!

First, I always like to send home newsletters each week to my students' parents! I keep them pretty simple and let them in on what we are learning in the classroom. Some parent read it with their child, others read it by themselves, others don't read it at all. Either way, I like to send em home! It helps me stay organized and can be a great reminder tool for my parents when we have open houses, parent-teacher conferences, and field trips.

I have one template per month and then change the date and wording each week!

Behind the weekly newsletter I send home different homework pages based on all sorts of factors. I like having options!!!! I made at least one page for each topic I teach throughout the year. I have never been a fan of longgggg homework that is too overwhelming and I think students just need *quick* reinforcing practice each night so that played a big role in the way I set up my homework. You can see a little more about the homework pages below.

Again, I like having options and I know most teachers do too! So based on the skills I'm teaching that week, a student's ability level, parent involvement, I will send home what I believe to be a reasonable HW packet for the week. You can do the same for your students!

^^ Again, it's all up to YOU!^^
Maybe you don't send home homework because in your community it doesn't get sent back. Well, these quick check-ins can easily be made into morning work that only takes minutes to complete while students practice their skills.

If you think this type of first grade homework might be for you or you want to try and switch it up this year, go ahead and take a closer look at some of the pages in my unit by clicking the unit below and downloading the preview!

Let me know what you think!

Here are some closeups of a few pages (more to be seen in the preview!):

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